DIY: Organize your board!

So I have big drawer, which I call ‘the everything drawer’, because there’s literally everything. The other day I even found a wrench! Because of that I wanted to clean this up (such a Busta Rhymes). As I was thinking: “what will I do with all my pencils, pens, scissors, etc? Do I have to buy boxes for this?”; I’ve found better and cheaper idea not only to store your school essentials but also for organizing your cork board. You will only need some pins, peace of paper and paper cups.

First of all I put everything off my board and then placed it on the floor, so I could easily divide it into sections for calendar, school essentials, photos, notes and little notebooks.

I placed everything on the board to see how it will look so I could change something before pining it.

I found cups really good place to store. I put in mine pencils, pens, black markers and glue. For staples and clips, I cut the cup in half and for pins, rubbers and tape I used mini plastic boxes, but you can use cups.

How to make pockets:
You'll need only a peace of paper. Just 'break' it in half and pin it to the board. So easy!


As you can see I keep my board really clean, but you can go all crazy and put everything you want. Don't forget to send me a photo or write a comment!


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