Hair care during Summer.

So as the weather is hotter and more sunny recently, it can really demage our hair. They become dry and can have split ends. So today I'm gonna write about hair treatment during Summer and give you some tips on how to protect your hair.

1. Don't wash your hair everyday unless you have to.

I know that some of you washes their hair, not because of the oily hair, but they got used to it. Remember that some of the chemical substances in shampoos can demage your skin on the sculp. And that's where hair begins. So start washing your hair less frequently. That way the natural oil that sculp produces will moisturize your skin!

2. Pin your hair.
When it's windy and you're about to go outside, pin your hair first. That way hair strands will not rub against other strands, so you will avoid split ends.

3. Diet.

Actually diet really affects on the hair. There are some foods, that can be good or bad for hair. Eat less sugar, bread and sweet fruits and eat more spinach, avocado, salmon, coconut and nuts.

4. Do not overbrush!

It can also lead to split ends. Don't brush wet hair too!

5.Use conditioners.
The best are those, which you don't wipe off, so they stay longer on your hair. I really recomed Gliss Kur Express-Repair-Conditioner. I've been using it for about a month now and my hair looks much better.



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