My Birthday!

Long time no see. Yesterday was my 17th birthday! I invited some of my friends for a dinner. Here are some of the photos! Enjoy!

For my birthday I've decided to forget about healthy eating and made ice cream cake with peanut butter bars, M&Ms, white and milk chocolate and cookies with chocolate filling. Yummy!

 This is what I got:

Cook book with healthy recipes. Maybe you'll see some on my blog in the future :).

The inside of the book.

Birthday card from my best friend's mother. So cool!

This one actually made me surprised. My older brother gave it to me. They are handmade soap. From the top: raspberry, lemon and grapefruit, mango. They smell so delicous!

This was also a big surprise. I got it from my parents. It's a iPhone 4S.

Made me laugh so hard when I saw it. I'm a big fan of sudoku. 

And my personal favourite, that I got from Mary. It's a black onesie from BooHoo. LOVE IT!


Kate xx

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  1. Once more HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! xx


    P.S. You're welcome!


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