July favourites!

Hello my readers!
Recently I've been working really hard on my blog. I've searched thousands of thousands blogs to learn from them how to be a 'proper blogger'. I've seen so many ideas, recipes, DIYs just to work on the content, here, for my blog. I know that Kate's Home DIY isn't the best, that's why I decided to practice on taking photos, ideas and add something to it, that will be every week or month. So welcome to 'Month Favourites', where I will be showing you some things that I've been loving through every month. Beauty, food, music, just everything! I hope you will enjoy it, tell me in the comments what do you think :).

From the left:
1. Lirene face peeling- I only buy face peelings only from this brand, it perfectly cleans and smoothes my skin.
2. Regenerum- polish brand which I really recommend for those who live in this country. This one is for nails and It absolutely does its job.
3. Isana Hair- Oil Care Haarol- amazing hair oil for dry hair.
4. DKNY Golden Delicious- As I said in my previous post I love DKNY perfumes, especially the green apple. This is the golden apple one, but I really like it too.
5. Cien- Facial Wash- I use it twice everyday and even though it was really cheap, it's perfect.

Ok, who has played the Kim Kardashian Hollywood I didn't get addicted? I think no one. I've been playing this game for more than a week and I got addicted immidiately after I first turn on this game. Don't recommed this for people, who doesn't have much time to waste.

I've been searching for blogs about healthy food as I'm now trying to eat better. And I've found those 2 blogs that are perfect for me. Lots of good recipes, ideas and beautiful photos!
1. greenkitchenstories.com
2. deliciouslyella.com


Kate xx

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