How to survive being sick!

Recently I haven't posted anything. The reason is that I'm sick. And it's not just a little cold. I feel like I was hit by a wrecking ball. And the funny thing is that yesterday was the first day of autumn and my first day of being sick. So as I'm chilling in my house right now and as it's getting cooler and cooler (at least on this side of the world), I decided to sit down and give some advice on my blog. And today is all about how to survive being sick. Let's get started.

1. Rest.                                                                                                                                          
In my opinion this is the most important, that's why it's first. If you don't feel well and think that you might get cold, just stay at home and relax. Forget about everything, don't stress out. I know that it's easy to say, difficult to do as some of you go to school or even work. But believe me. You will feel worse than if you stayed home. Yesterday I was stupid enough (again) to go to school feeling terrible. I couldn't stay focused during classes. And later that day I had fever.
So better give yourself a rest!

2. Don't take too much medicine.
I know some people, who whenever are sick, take handfuls of aspirin. I'm pretty much the same but with pills for cough. Sometimes it's just better if you take one pill a day. In this way you allow your organism to produce antybodies, which fight illness. It will take more time to recover, but later you will be able to fight the sickness right away. And remember that drugs are all about chemicals! It's not always good for you.

3. Treat yourself.
Cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmellows, mmm... Even when you are on a diet, do not be harsh on yourself. If you want to feel better when you are sick, just do it. I usually eat white chocolate, which is my favourite.

4. Take care of your skin.
This is the step that I never skip whenever I'm sick. I always wash my face couple of times a day and then moisturize. You get that fresh kick and instantly feel better.

5. Dairy.
Don't read this if you are lactose intolerrant or you just don't eat dairy. 
It just contains lots of good bacteria, which also can help your body to recover. And it's a must when you are on antybiotics. Just eat yogurt with fruits or drink kefir.

6. Chicken noodle soup.
I think it's obvious. Nothing better than a big bowl of chicken noodle soup made by mom or  even that purchased one.

7. Sleep.
Take advantage of staying at home and sleep as long as you feel to. 

And last, but not least. Just put on your favourite pjs, slippers and sweather. Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate or tea with lemon and honey. Get comfy in bed and watch TV or movie. That was all I did today. Just relaxing. And sleeping. I slept the entire afternoon.

Wishing you lots of health!
Kate xx

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