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Hello there guys!
Another post today. I feel like I'm getting better at blogging. As you can see I started posting twice a week and I think I'm going to keep that, but I still can't decide on which days. So let me down in the comments, when you would like to see a new post. Back to the topic.
On Sunday I went on a little shopping of course with my best friend Mary (you can probably expect a haul post from her too). And you can say that I pretty much spend almost all of my money, which is very rare of me. Usually I buy one or two things. But with Mary's help I'm provided with clothes till the end of the year probably :). So today's post will be about all the things that I bought. Very unusual, but I just wanted give it a go.

 I have bought from Mango, New Look, Bath & Body Works and Super Pharm.

 The first thing that I bought are dark jeans, which I've been looking for about 2 weeks. I really wanted this colour and only New Look had it.

 From New Look I also got plain white t-shirt. It's from men section, as I could only find it there.

 The last thing from New Look are 3 pairs of soo cute socks. I got them for my friends birthday, she's turning 17 tomorrow. Don't ask me why she wanted socks for birthday. Teenagers these days :D.

From Bath & Body Works I got Midnight Pomegranate fragrance mist, which smells sooo good. And from Super Pharm I bought Rimmel lipstick from Kate Moss' collection in shade 104. I've been searching for this lipstick quite a while, as they sold out so fast.

 Trousers from Mango. They are kind of burgundy/ purple colour. Can't tell, but really like them.

And the last thing from Sunday's shopping is this blouse also from Mango. This is literally my favourite piece of clothing now. I really really love it!

That's the end of the post. Let me know which thing do you like or if you already own it. See you soon!


Kate xx

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