Recipe: Healthy lemon and thyme turkey burgers!

  • 500 g of minced turkey
  • half of onion
  • fresh thyme
  • zest of one lemon
  • egg yolk
  • salt & pepper

  • carrots
  • olive oil
  • toppings (avocado, cabbage, tomato, cucumber)
  • clove of garlic
  • yogurt
  • whole wheat buns
To turkey add fresh thyme, salt & pepper, zest of lemon, egg yolk and finally chopped onion. Mix everything together and put it in fridge for 30 minutes. In the meantime, slice the carrot into french fries. Boil the water in a pot, add carrots and cook for 5 minutes. Then drain them, add salt, pepper and olive oil and put in the oven for 30 minutes at 200 degrees. If you want to, you can put buns in the oven too. 
For the dressing: shred the garlic and add in yogurt. Season with salt and pepper.
Form the meat into burgers and fry them on a grill pan. Serve in a bun with the toppings, carrot chips and yogurt dressing.

Bon appetit!


Kate xx

P.S. Unfortunately today I was stupid enough to not charge the camera battery, so I had to take photos with my phone. I'm sorry! :)


  1. Wow you're a great chef! I really want to try this recipe out :)
    I love your blog and i just followed!! feel free to check my blog out it would mean a lot xx

    1. Thank you! I just checked your blog and it's so cool! Definately adding to my favourites :)


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