October Favourites!

I know, I suck at blogging sooo much. But belive me, there's so much going on in my school. The year is about to end and I know that it's only November, but the time has past so fast. I feel like I just got back from holidays. And now it's like one and a half of month till Christmas! So the reason for not posting since the end of October is having no free time. But I'm hoping I will fix this problem.
And today, a little late post, where I present you my monthly favourites. Enjoy!

  1. Beauty
  • 1. Midnight Pomegranate fragrance mist by Bath & Body Works
I used half of the bottle now and I think I will repurchase it in the bigger bottle, because it smells so good. It's really sweet but also very suddle and it's probably the best body mist I have ever bought.
  • 2. Lasting Finish Matte lipstick 104 by Kate Moss 
It's the first ever lipstick that I really love. It stays long on the lips and has a beautiful, also suddle colour, perfect for autumn/winter season. 
  • 3. Ultimate Beauty Oil by Garnier
Been using it through whole October. Not only it smells good, but it makes your skin smooth and healthy looking. It's definately more on the pricer side, because it's oil, but it's worth the money. In general, because of the Garnier Body Oil, I now prefer using oil than normal moisturizer. It's just more gentle on the skin and definately natural.
  • 4. Farmstand Apple PocketBac by Bath & Body Works
Just a really good anti-bacterial hand gel, that literally smells like apples. Keeps your hands clean all the time and also moisturizes your skin. It sounds like a commercial :D.
  • 5. Olay Gentle Cleansers Refreshing Face Wash
Very gentle on the skin- as it says on the packaging. Cleans very well. I don't know what to say more.

  • 6. Blackhead Eraser Scrub by Clean & Clear
I didn't know If I should recommend this or not. It's a really good scrub if you want to smooth out your skin. But the problem is that I didn't really noticed anything besides that. I still have some blackheads. But again, the formula feels perfect on the skin. 
I've read some reviews on Clean&Clear site, and they are split into two: bad and good. So I'm pretty sure it depends on your skin type. But I say just go with it and try.
  • 7. Stay Matte Primer by Rimmel
Since I don't wear makeup, my skin can be sometimes very oily, especially if it's hot. So I bought this primer just to see how it works. And I have to say it's perfect! It makes your skin matte and soft.

2. TV & Movies
Of course as last month I've been watching Community, but also because I'm a huge Comedy Central fan and I watch it everyday, I started watching Friends. Even though 20 years passed since the first episode, it's still very funny.

3. Books
Again I only have read one book, Notting Hill by Richard Curtis. I have seen the film, it's actually one of my favourites. But I won't actually recommend this book as it's based on the movie, which I had no idea. I always say that I prefer books than movies (I'm talking about movies based on books of course), but this time the film is better.

4. Music
Still loving Ariana Grande's My Everything album. Also started listening to some songs by Drake and T.I.
I've been enjoying hot chocolate, avocado on bread, earl grey tea by Twinnings and of course pumpkin soup, which I ate so many times in October. If you would like to make it, there's a post on my blog ---> link.
6. Internet
I discovered Essie Button, who has a beautiful blog and youtube channel. Also I've been loving My Life As Eva from Youtube.

So that's it. I hope you will like my favourites as much as I do. Let me know down in the comments what are your favourites from October.
Kate xx

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