Christmas Week Day 4: Christmas Decor! (Inspirations)

Hello guys!
So today is my favourite post of the Christmas Week series, which makes me sooo excited! You probably know now that I love decorating, so I feel like I'm home.
Whether you would like to decorate your christmas tree or decorate your whole home perfectly and have no idea how to do this, this post is for you. You don't even have to buy everything in the store, some of the things you can make by yourself using stuff you find at home. So let's get to it!

First of all is of course planning. I know, this sounds already boring, but it will be worth it. You have to check what you already have and what you need to buy. Especially if you're decorating a christmas tree. Last year I bought a bunch of unneeded baubles, which got even worse, because I had no space to keep them all. So you want to avoid that. It's better to see what you already have, because you can use it also in decorating your home or use it in some DIY.

OK, so let's start with the most asked questions:

1. Fresh or fake christmas tree?
In my opinion it's better to buy the fresh one. Many people say that it's better to buy a fake one, because you have it for years and that way you save the environment. Which I complitely disagree with. To make a fake christmas tree, factories produce so much pollution. And If people are buying more fresh trees, the more trees are planted to meet the demand.
A fresh christmas tree also looks much better and the smell...oh, just amazing!
Unfortunately those ones are much more expensive, and the fact that you have to buy another one next year is also not very appealing. So if you don't have that much money, just buy a fake one. I won't be angry ;).
2. Glass or plastic baubles?
I would say that it's up to you, BUT if you have a cat or other animal, that likes to play with a ball, then plastic ones. Belive me, I have 2 cats and glass baubles and let me tell you that it is a terrible combo. My cats break about 10 baubles every year, so now I'm kind of happy that I bought too many baubles last year.
3. What kind of christmas lights to buy?
I think last year or even earlier the LED fairy lights came in. And I think that they are the best to buy. They last longer that the normal ones and they also look better. But again, they are about 3 times the price as the normal lights, so again, if you don't have money or you don't want to spend so much, buy cheaper christmas lights.
4. Where to buy the cheapest decorations?
For me the cheapest decorations are those homemade ones. Of course it takes time to make them, so I would tell you to go to a supermarket (or mall for you American readers:) ) and just search for sales or good deals.

Decorating Home!
How to start?
Whenever I want to decorate my room I always look up for some inspirations on the Internet. It's not that I have no ideas, but it actually helps me to create mine. So if you would like to decorate, check the Internet first. You won't believe how many inspirations you will find. And if you like something, try it!
And of course some inspirations:

Decorating christmas tree!
I absolutely love decorating christmas tree. Especially if I'm doing it with my family. And even though we don't change the baubles, every year our christmas tree looks different, but is always in gold and red. In my opinion gold and red are just the colours of Christmas.
Anyway, I don't feel a need to tell you how to decorate a christmas tree, I think it's obvious, you just put some ornaments on it. But if you're planning to decorate your tree diffrently, here are some ideas that hopefuly will inspire you.

And as I was looking through some Pinterest ideas I found some fun DIYs, if you would like more fancy christmas tree this year :).

Unfortunately that's the end of today's post. Hope you like it, because I really liked writing it. Tomorrow there will be also a fun post. See you on Friday!

Kate xx

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