Christmas Week Day 7: Christmas table ideas!

Unfortunately today is the end of the Christmas Week :(. That means today's post will be all about Christmas Eve, specifically christmas table ideas. I don't know about other countries, but in Poland a christmas dinner is very important and very festive. Whole family is spending some time together, eating delicious food and is opening presents. So it's a must, that the table has to look flawless. That's why this post will be about decore inspirations, like others. All of the ideas are from Pinterest, if you would like to follow me, then click here: http://www.pinterest.com/katehomediy/. Enjoy!

I really had fun making those posts. And I'm even happier, because I was actually posting everyday for a whole week and haven't missed any day. To sum up the Christmas Week: I hope I helped you in some kind of way and I hope you had fun reading all of this and liked it. And I wish you all a merry merry preparation for Christmas :).

See you next week!

Kate xx

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