November favourites!

So It's that time of the month, where I introduce you to my month favourites. This practicural month was very stressful as I had so many tests in school. Also I don't really like November, because there's nothing happening and the weather is awful. But anyway, let's get to the post!

1. Beauty

Through the whole November I bought only 2 beauty products, which are Rimmel Salon Pro nail polish in the shade Urban Purple (402) and Nivea Fruty Shine chapstick in the shade Watermelon. And even though I only got these two, I've been using them since. The colour of the nail polish is soo beautiful as well as the smell of the chapstick. Recommend that!

2. TV & Movies

To be honest I still watch 'Friends' :).


Finally I can recommend a book! I have read One Day by David Nicholls, which my friend told me to read it. And I have to say it's really different to what I usually read, because I don't really like romance. But the book is really good.

4. Music
Where to start? I mean I've been listening to music like craazyy. I literally love Sam Smith's album In The Lonely Hour, which is also very different for me, but it's absolutely beautiful. can we just take a moment to apriciate Sam Smith's voice, he just sings like an angel.
I also enjoyed The Shawn Mendes EP and Kauai by Childish Gambino.

5. Food

I couldn't find Twinnings Earl Grey Tea and had to find something else. And I found Richmont organic earl grey tea. It's soo good! And actually it has bergamot oil in it and bluebottle flower peddals.

6. Internet

I fell in love with vlogs. I watch them since November everyday. I especially love MoreMarcus, ThePointlessTV, MoreZoella and PlanetGabb.

These were all my favourites from November. Hope you like the post. Let me know what are your November favourites!

Kate xx

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