5 Healthy Alternatives to Unhealthy Food.

It's time for a healthy talk today. I know some of you want to be healthy, maybe it's your new year's resolution or you're just planning it for a while now. And I know that it's very difficult to give up your favourite junk food. So a good way to start eating healthy is to find healthy alternatives to unhealthy food. Let's get started!

1. Soda

The best drink you can put into your body is of course water. If you don't really like it, I know I didn't at some time, juice is also a good alternative but if it's 100% juice without any additives. You can also put some fresh fruits into your glass of water.

2. White sugar

There are so many alternatives to white sugar you can't even imagine. I think the cheapest and most popular ones are unrefined cane sugar and honey. You can also find more expensive like xylitol (from brich trees), agave syrup, treacle and maple syrup.

3. Oil

The most popular and easy to find are olive oil and coconut oil. But there are more: grape seed oil, linseed oil, canola oil and peanut oil.

4. Fast food

I know that it's really difficult to stay healthy if you rush all the time. Instead of going to McDonalds or KFC for lunch choose those fast food restaurants that serve fresh and healthy meals. My favourite are Salad Story and Subway.

5. Sweets

The best alternatives to sweets are dried fruits in my opinion. Especially dates, figs, apples and pears. They can easly satisfy your sweet apetite and they keep you full for a long time. Also you can find some sweets that are actually healthy, mainly in organic shops. Just remember to read the list of ingredients to make sure that they don't cointain any weird additives.
If you have some time you make them yourself. In the last post I've showed you my favourite healthy food blogs, in which you can find many healthy sweet recipes. You can also chceck some of my recipes (self promo :) ).

Remember that if you buy anything, read the list of ingredients. Some of the healthy food isn't healthy at all. Especially when it comes to sweets. Many companies add lots of bad additives so their food tastes better and the coustomers will buy more. Just keep that in mind!

Good luck!

Kate xx

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