Book recommendation: 'Make up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style and Success- Online and Off' by Michelle Phan.

Yes, I finally found some time to read a book. I know that I always say how I love reading but eventually I can't find any good moment to do it. But when last year I heared that my all time favourite Youtube beauty guru Michelle Phan will be realising a book, there was no way I wouldn't have it. So I asked for it as a Christmas present and when I recived it I started reading right away. Literally the same day! And today I'm going to encourage you to read it too.
Michelle Phan, as I already said, is a beauty guru on Youtube. I remember that she was actually one of the first youtubers and the first beauty guru I started to watch. I think I was 12 then, so almost 6 years of watching her growing on Youtube. That's a lot!
Anyway. She has almost 7,5mln subscribers, her videos were watched more 1 bln times (insane!). She also has her own beauty brand called Em Cosmetics. If you would like to find more about her just go to michellephan.com.

OK, moving on to the book. As the title says it's not a novel but a lifestyle book. It was the first that kind of book I've read. There are 12 chapters. In the first 2 chapters Michelle Phan tells about her past. It's sort of a biography. And the rest chapters are about skin care, makeup, hair and nails, fashion, dream job and digital savoir vivre. The last chapter is 'Ask Michelle', where she answears some of the most asked questions.

What is my opinion on the book? It's amazing! It's really easy to read, very interesting (you won't be bored at all). Since it is a lifestyle book, there are lot of useful tips and advices that are essential. But there's more than beauty in this book. It teaches you how to be confident, love yourself and just be happy and do what makes you happy. And those photos- icing on the cake :).

To sum things up: 'Make up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style and Success- Online and Off' is the best for people getting into makeup and generally speaking beauty. It's also a great book if you would like to change some facets of your life. And lastly, this book is the perfect first step to finding and loving yourself.
So go and buy this book, you won't regret it ;).

Tell me in the comments what is your favourite lifestyle book and if you have already read Michelle Phan's book.

Kate xx

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