My Week in Photos.

My Week in Photos.
My week in photos as usual on a Sunday's afternoon. This week mainly consists of food photos, because I had more time to make food myself. And also I went to a restaurant with Mary for dinner, which I will make a separate post about it next week, so stay tunned!
Because next week is Easter, I'm going to school till Wednesday. It makes me so happy, because I haven't had proper holidays for about 2 months. That means that I will have plenty of time for blogging as I have so many new posts ideas.
Anyway, here are the photos. Enjoy!

My first zucchini soup this year. Definately my favourite.


20 Easter Decorations and Treats Ideas.

20 Easter Decorations and Treats Ideas.

Hello everyone!
It's so close to Easter now and I didn't realised until I came up with this post idea. So organised!
That's why I wanted to share with you some of my favourite decore ideas that you can make for Easter.


Recipe: Healthy Vegan Chocolate Smoothie.

Recipe: Healthy Vegan Chocolate Smoothie.

As promised like 2 two weeks ago, I'm going to show you one of my favourite smoothie recipe. It's super healthy, vegan, but most important- soooo delicious. Great as a breakfast, post-workout snack and a dessert. This smoothie is also a perfect alternative for chocolate. I dare you to try it :).


My Week in Photos.

My Week in Photos.
Writing as fast as I can, because it's late and I should already upload a new post. The reason for being late is that I spent the weekend in the countryside, I was visiting my grandparents. And since they do not live near, it took the half of the day to drove back home.
So this week was so lovely. The weather was so beautiful. I finally went for a bike trip, 2 to be precise. At the first one I only drove like 8km, but then the next day I decided to go all crazy and drove 20km. It was so nice, I missed it so much, because riding a bike is so relaxing and calming for me, even though it's an exercise.
Also, if you didn't notice or you don't live in Europe and North Africa (if I'm right), on Friday there was a solar eclipse in the morning. And I was able to see it, first time in my life. The next one in my area will be like in 115 years, pretty long time.
So that's what I have been up to this week. The next week is promising to be also nice and sunny, so you can already expect some photos from my bike trips.
And if you would like an everyday update what I'm doing, I have an Instagram account- katehomediy.
To sum everything up, here are some photos taken this week. Enjoy!

Delicious healthy chocolate smoothie (recipe soon)


DIY: Reindeer Painting.

DIY: Reindeer Painting.


My Week In Photos.

My Week In Photos.
It's very difficult for me to write this post, not because I don't want to, but because it meant that I had to stop reading The Time Traveler's Wife. I started it like a month ago and didn't manage to finish it, but finally decided to do this today (been reading since 11 am till 5 pm). And OH MY GODNESS! I can't tell you how much addicted I am to this book. It's absolutely amazing! Definately going to write a post on it.
Anyway, besides that amazing book nothing really happened this week. And as I was writing this sentence I realised how much of a diary it looks, which is fine with me. 
Also I didn't take so many photos as a week ago. The weather was a joke, so I didn't really wanted to go outside and walk in the rain with my camera out. But hopefully the next week will be more beautiful and entertaining.Ok, I feel like I'm rumbling so much now. Enjoy the photos :)!

The only beautiful day of the week- tuesday. It was so hot that I was walking home without my coat.


How To: Long Ponytail.

How To: Long Ponytail.


Recipe: Simple 5 Ingredient Vegan Cookies.

Recipe: Simple 5 Ingredient Vegan Cookies.


My Week in Photos.

My Week in Photos.
Sorry if I haven't posted anything this week, but I had some problems with internet connection. XXI century problems, am I right? Anyway, like a week ago, today I'm sharing with you some of my favourite photos of the week. This week started very stresfull, because I had 2 serious tests in 2 days in a row. Fortunately that passed quickly and I end up having free time after school with no homework and no studying. I wish it was always like this, but it isn't.
OKK, I don't know how to end this introduction, so just enjoy the photos!
Oh, I almost forgot. Happy International Women's Day!

Left the home early enough to see a beautiful sunrise on Monday morning.

And also saw the sunset on the same day. Was so lucky!

Another foggy morning.

Ok, this photo was taken on Tuesday and let me tell you the weather then was craaazyy. It was all sunny and nice and then the hail came. Like that wasn't enough, later it was snowing. March everyone.

This made me want to not go to school on Wednesday. Raining all day.

I always love Saturday's breakfasts.

So on Saturday Mary and I went to National Museum (in Warsaw). Usually if we were hanging out, we would just go to shopping center or to a restaurant. But we decided to be more cultural and sophisticated and went to a museum (it was actually my idea, sooo... ;) ). We were there early, so there was just a few people. We have seen some amazing paintings and sculptures from XVI-XX century. But I think the best fun we had was whenever we walked into an empty room. Because the floor in the museum is probably as old as this building, it was really creaky. So everytime we were walking alone, we were making such a huge noise that it made us laugh the whole time. 

The entrance.

The hall of the museum.

Standing next to the biggest painting in the world: Battle of Grunwald by Jan Matejko.

Me and the terrifying sculpture, that scared the heck of us.

Me admiring Rembrandt's painting: The Portrait of Maertan Soolmans.

Am I the only one, who thinks this baptismal font from Middle Ages looks like Pensieve from The Harry Potter?

It reminds me soo much of Assasin's Creed II. I'm that cool.

Decided to finally make a cheat day. Haven't had a burger and fries since forever.

The Palace of Culture and Science.

Me and my Mom got some flowers for International Women's Day.

Made some cookies for another baking recipe that will be up on blog soon.

I hope you had as great weekend as I did. And I didn't realised that I took so many photos until I had to edit them. But I love them all, so why not post them.
To make sure I won't miss a post next week, I prepared some posts ideas, so don't worry :).

Kate xx


My Week in Photos.

My Week in Photos.
Maybe you've seen this kind of post before, but I decided to give it a go. I love taking photos, especially with my phone, because I always have it with me. And I also wanted to make a series of posts, that will be uploaded regularly. So here it is, my favourite photos that I have taken this week. ENJOY!

Foggy monday morning.

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