How To: Long Ponytail.

I can't even remember when I uploaded the last hairstyle tutorial, definately too long ago.
I may be the last person to pin my hair up. I just think that I have long hair for a reason, to have them loose. But from time to time they can be really annoying, especially after a wash, because they are really frizzy. Then a hairstyle is a need.
A couple of weeks ago I watched a tutorial of this long ponytail on youtube and thought that it's a great idea. So I tried it and liked it so much, that I decided to make a post about it. And it is also an appropriate hairstyle for upcoming spring/summer season. Let's get started.

All you need is 2 hair bands. And because it is a ponytail you can do this on any kind of hair, first day, second day, ect.

Start by parting your hair into 2 sections: the top and the bottom.

Tie the top part with a hair band. You can also just stop right here if you want a kind of Ariana Grande hair look. But if not, tie another section of hair, but just some inches lower than the top part.
Make sure that the top part is high enough to cover the lower ponytail.

At the end you can take a piece of hair at the top ponytail and wrap it around the hair band.

That's it. It's that simple! Think I'm going to wear this tomorrow.
Anyway, have fun with this hairstyle: add a bow or make a bun of the top section. Be creative. I'll see you soon.

Kate xx

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