My Week in Photos.

Maybe you've seen this kind of post before, but I decided to give it a go. I love taking photos, especially with my phone, because I always have it with me. And I also wanted to make a series of posts, that will be uploaded regularly. So here it is, my favourite photos that I have taken this week. ENJOY!

Foggy monday morning.

Quick walk after arriving too early for an appointment. I was 40 min ahead of time. Nice Kate!

The Center of Warsaw. 

My thursday's lunch. It was such a busy day.


Delicious saturday's breakfast.

Afterbreakfast smoothie.

Pizza made by my Mom. Yumm. Was eating it while writing this post :).

When the birds are flying by.

Let me know what you been up to this week. And if you would like to see more photos, follow my Instagram account. The link is up on the right bar.

Kate xx

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