My Week in Photos.

Writing as fast as I can, because it's late and I should already upload a new post. The reason for being late is that I spent the weekend in the countryside, I was visiting my grandparents. And since they do not live near, it took the half of the day to drove back home.
So this week was so lovely. The weather was so beautiful. I finally went for a bike trip, 2 to be precise. At the first one I only drove like 8km, but then the next day I decided to go all crazy and drove 20km. It was so nice, I missed it so much, because riding a bike is so relaxing and calming for me, even though it's an exercise.
Also, if you didn't notice or you don't live in Europe and North Africa (if I'm right), on Friday there was a solar eclipse in the morning. And I was able to see it, first time in my life. The next one in my area will be like in 115 years, pretty long time.
So that's what I have been up to this week. The next week is promising to be also nice and sunny, so you can already expect some photos from my bike trips.
And if you would like an everyday update what I'm doing, I have an Instagram account- katehomediy.
To sum everything up, here are some photos taken this week. Enjoy!

Delicious healthy chocolate smoothie (recipe soon)

My really really quick pizza from Jamie Oliver's recipe. So good!

Bike trip number 1:

Bike trip number 2:

Explored Warsaw' Old Town. So nice, but definately too many people.

Healthy lunch after the bike trip.

A walk by the river to see the eclipse.


Beautiful crocuses (I belive that's how you call them).

The Time Traveler's Wife book that I talked about. Proud to tell that I finished it yesterday. So so good. 

 In the weekend:
Big bowl of oatmeal with banana and strawberries.

Quick walk with my grandparents dog as it was freezing.

Beautiful sky on my way home.

I hope you all had an amazing weekend. See you soon!

Kate xx

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