My Week in Photos.

My week in photos as usual on a Sunday's afternoon. This week mainly consists of food photos, because I had more time to make food myself. And also I went to a restaurant with Mary for dinner, which I will make a separate post about it next week, so stay tunned!
Because next week is Easter, I'm going to school till Wednesday. It makes me so happy, because I haven't had proper holidays for about 2 months. That means that I will have plenty of time for blogging as I have so many new posts ideas.
Anyway, here are the photos. Enjoy!

My first zucchini soup this year. Definately my favourite.

Another bike trip. Drove 13 km.

Very good and nutritious breakfast.

Posted a recipe of my favourite chocolate smoothie.

A fruit salad for breakfast, made the day before.

It's getting greener and greener. Finally!

Met this little one whilst heading home on Friday. 

Had an amazing dinner with Mary in San Lorenzo restaurant. 

First time having nice cream for breakfast. I think I have the best breakfasts on Saturday.

Made a little lunch, which consisted of slice of homemade bread, cream cheese, radish sprouts and an egg.

This suculent has grown so much since I got it. Feeling so happy I didn't kill it :D.
Kate xx

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