How To Turn Yourself Off?


I saw that you really liked my How not to worry? post as it got popular. So sticking with the same subject I decided to write more but about ways to turn yourself off like from social media etc. In these days we are practicly united with our phones, laptops and so on all the time. We spend so much time on the Internet, which we could dedicate to something more productive (says the one :D ). But to be honest sometimes I hate myself for doing nothing apart from going on some random sites or watching youtube videos all day long. Fortunately I've been able to disconnect from the virtual world, especially now because I have no Internet on my phone until the end of April. Therefore I'm stucked with boredom whenever I'm not home. But it made me realise how much I depend on my phone, which for me is rediculous as I am one of the most independent people I know. So I tried to find ways to just disconnect. And here they are :).

1. Reading a book- it's impossible for some of you, I know, I used to be that too. I hated reading books, especially ones that I have to read for school- still hating it now. But time has passed and I love it so much now. It is just like a TV in your head. You can visualise everything in your mind like characters and places. Sometimes I even imagine that I am the main character. And that's what I love about books, that the writer leaves you the job of putting those things into 'life'. So I really really insist on reading books. And let me tell you, if I'm reading an interesting book I can read it all day, forgetting about the outside world. 


2. Go on a long walk- about a week ago I went for about an hour walk, alongside the river. It was actually the same day I lost my internet connection on my phone. I decided to take my camera and go see the sunset as it was hot and the sky was clear. Oh my God. It was so beautiful. And peaceful. And relaxing. So just go out without your phone and enjoy a beautiful day :).


3. Find a hobby that doesn't include technology- self explanatory. As you may know one of the most relaxing things for me is baking. Definately not a very healthy hobby, but my favourite. I even love it more when I do this in silence.


4. Turn on 'do not disturb' mode on your phone- I do this all the time whenever I feel like being alone and not talking to people. It helps you clear your mind and sit in peace. It's really ok to feel antisocial as the most stress we get from people. 


5. Pamper yourself- take a long bath, put on a face mask, drink hot chocolate, watch your favourite movie or tv series, wear comfy clothes. Just treat youself and your skin. Not really too much to talk about.


6. Explore the nature- since more than a half of the population lives in a big city, the only green we see are trees on the streets or plants in our houses. It's best to from time to time explore the undiscovered. I'm not talking about going to a park in the city as they are crowded, noisy and rubbished. Go on an adventure outside the town. Go climbing, boating, camping. Not only you will feel million times more relaxed, but also you will be active.


So that is all I could think of. I hope I helped you in some way. And remember: don't worry! :)
See you soon.

Kate xx

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