My Week in Photos.

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday but I was learning math all day as I had test today. Will see how it went :).
Anyways. Last week was so beautiful, the weather was just amazing: sunny and warm. It finally feels like spring now.
Also I was meeting my best friend Mary. We had a breakfast at my house, which consisted of delicious pancakes, loads of fruit and some Nutella #cheatday. Then we went for a walk in the park and grabbed some cake. As I said #cheatday.
As always, here are some of the photos I took from lastest week. Enjoy!

Breakfast with Mary.

Photos from the park:

Wento for a walk on Thursday just to see the sunset. Beautiful.

Quick stop in the city center.

Delicious dinner: fish, roasted sweet potatoes, cucumber and broccoli.

Walking back from the shopping center on Sunday. Lovely day but way too windy.

Homemade fresh grapefruit juice.

I hope you had a great week!

Kate xx

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