My Week in Photos.

Another round of My Week in Photos post. This week was one of the worst of this month. I got sick as you know and didn't feel well until now. My throat was aching, my head was aching and I had watery nose. On the brighter side the weather was lovely, so on Friday I went for a bike trip. Thought that the bike road will be crowded, there was nobody. I also found a new route, which I'm going to ride along all the time. To sum this up I drove over 23 km. After coming home I was pretty tired but so happy. I didn't beat my lifetime score, which is 30km, but it's a lot still.

Anyway. Apart from the exciting bike trip I also made raw brownies for the first time. I wanted to make them for so long. Let me tell you they are so delicious I can't even. I can already see myself making them all the time. I made a blog post already with a recipe for next week, so don't worry, you won't miss anything. And this reminded me that this weekend I have been working on my food photography. It is getting better and better, but I still have to learn some things. I hope soon they will be as perfect as I want them to be.

And probably last most exciting thing, but for you not so exciting. I moved my bed, so now it's leanign the wall with pictures. I really like how it looks and think it will stay this way for a longer time. Aaaand I'm thinking about a room tour, because my room is almost finished. Some pieces are still missing, so the post will be probably in 2-3 months. Stay tuned!

Ok, that's all I had to say. I'm waiting now for my dinner to cook. So I'm leaving you with some photos. Enjoy!

My nightstand <3.

Kate xx

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