Guide To a Perfect Morning!


Hello everyone!
About 99% of you are probably not a morning person. I know I'm not. Especially when I have to go to school, my body does not respond to the alarm clock. Eventually when I get up about 20 minutes later I'm still feeling like I'm sleeping but with my eyes open. That means I need about an hour to get ready, not because I don't have something to wear or I put a lot of makeup on, but because I'm lazy. So I came up with some tips that I use everyday to make my morning look like those morning routines you see on Youtube. Whenever I see them I'm like: who has time for that!
Anyways. As I said here are some tips that may or will help you make every morning the perfect one.

1. Preparation

In order to have a perfect morning, you have to prepare some things the day before. Like clothes and a bag. That way you won't spend hours finding a perfect outfit and forgetting about something you have to take with you.

2. Get enough sleep

One of the reasons you can't wake up is that you didn't have enough sleep. It is said we have to sleep at least 8 hours a day. For me it has to be 9,5 hours, but let's be honest, I would have to go to sleep at 9pm. Doesn't sound very appealing to me.
So try going to sleep earlier, because not only you'll feel more energized but also more relaxed.

3. Eat breakfast

I know so many people that don't eat breakfast. But skipping breakfast is one of the worst things you can do to your body. I know you heard that before, even many times, but it's true.
Before this healthy lifestyle I didn't eat breakfast at all because I didn't feel any hunger that early. But just after going out, my stomach and head hurt so much I couldn't focus on anything. And I also felt really really tired. That shows how bad skipping meals is. And if you are still not hungry in the morning or you don't have any time, just grab a juice or a fruit on the go. At least you will provide your organism some sugar.

4. Set more than one alarm clock

If you can wake up just with one ring of the alarm clock, you can just skip this step. If not, read along. I always set at least 2 alarm clocks before bed, one earlier and one on time. It makes things easier when getting up. The first one will wake you up from deep sleep and the second one from the light sleep. You won't feel as tired as you would with just one alarm.

5. Plan a routine

It's the best way to stay organized and not worry in the morning. I always get up, then eat breakfast, then brush my teeth and so on. Do everything in order and at specific time. It will also show you at what time you have to get up to leave the house on time.

And the last one and I think the most important one is to think about positive things that will happen that day. Although you slept for 5 hours, woke up late, didn't eat your breakfast or missed the bus, you will still feel better if you just smile. I always think about meeting my friends, eating a delicious lunch, going out somewhere later or doing something exciting. That helps a lot with getting through the morning. And I also have to get out of the bed the right side. Just in case :).

Have amazing mornings from now on!

Kate xx

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