Review: Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette 'All About Pink'.

Hello everyone!
The first ever beauty review on this blog. About a week ago I was searching for Max Factor's blush in 'Lovely Pink' in a couple of drugstores, but I couldn't find it. It's just sold out everywhere. So taking the opportunity of buying a blush palette from Makeup Revolution for Mary's birthday, I decided to buy one for myself. I ordered 'Sugar & Spice' for Mary (I think she will post a review of it too on her second blog-> link) and 'All About Pink' for me. And that is what I'm going to talk about today.

As usual I've read some reviews of this blush palette on the Internet. They were very mixed, fortunately mostly good, so I took the risk and bought it. It costed me about 6£, which for a palette is not expensive at all, because you pay 75 pennies for one blush. So more about the product.

The palette includes 8 blushes: 5 matts, 1 shimmer and 2 highlighters. They all weigh 13g, which for one blush is about 1,6g- the same as the single powders. There is also a big mirror, which for me is very useful.

The first 4 blushes are from the bottom left to the right in the palette, the other four are from the top left to the right.

On the package it says that they are 8 high pay off blusher powders and it is absolutely right. The pigmentation is amazing as you can see in the photo (it may be because of my really pale skin). They are also easy to blend and you can build them up. And the best thing about them is that they last forever. Literally. I wore the 4th and the 5th shades from the photo (my favourite ones) the other day and after 10 hours I could still see it.

Wearing the 4th and the 5th shades.

To sum things up, I really recommend this palette to those of you, who are looking for some lovely affordable pink blushes. And come on, 6£ for the palette?! That's an amazing deal.

I hope you like this kind of post today. Let me know what is your favourite blush.

Kate xx

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