My Favourite Apps for Leading a Healthy Lifestyle!

An unusual post here today. About a month ago I decided to focus more on leading a healthy lifestyle. I say healthy, but I mean healthier (let's be honest, who wants to give up chocolate? definately not me). And what is one of the best reasons to have a smartphone? Apps! There are tons and tons of apps on the market about healthy lifstyle. You can find  pretty much everything you wanted. So today I will share with you 3 of my favourite 'healthy' apps.


Best app to start a healthy lifestyle, build some muscles or just loss weight. It tracks everything you eat, how much you drink and excercise. You can also change the daily percentage of nutrients in your diet. That's cool. I find this app the best as most of the food products, even those polish are included. And also it's really really quick and simple.

2. Nike + Running

You probably didn't hear it before- I started running! I didn't like it at first, but after 2km run I felt so much better. I felt much more stronger and energized. And the app that persuaded me to do this is Nike + Running. It connects with your mobile GPS, so whenever you run, it tracks your path, how far did you run and how much calories you burnt. But for me the best thing about this app is that it shows you the whole graph of how fast you run. It is really useful for begginers, who don't know their best running speed.

3.Sleep Time

We all spend about half of our life sleeping, so it's as important as everything else. I had some sleeping troubles lately, I couldn't sleep or I was waking up in the middle of the night. So I downloaded this app called Sleep Time and it helped me so much. It's an alarm clock, but it also shows the graph of your sleep: in what times you had deep sleep, light sleep or you were awake.
I have the free version, where it tracks 7 days at once, but if you buy the full version, it will track whole month (if i'm not mistaken). For me the free one is absolutely ok as I only want to check if I have enough sleep.

So that is all I had to say today. I hope you like these apps as much as I did. And I forgot to tell you that it's not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.
Anyways, I will see you probably on Friday with a new post. But until then:

Kate xx

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