My Week in Photos.

I'm back at it again. There will be a little twist today as I'm going to show you not only the photos from this week, but also from the previous week. Thought that more will be better.
Anyways. Last week we had a spring break, so I invited 2 of my friends. We watched some movies and eat some good food.
This week was Mary's birthday, so I spent Wednesday at her house with 2 of her friends. We also eat some good food. OK, it was mostly cake, wafers and gummy bears, but we eat dinner too- grilled chicken with roasted potatoes and yams and 2 salads.
Apart from that I run about 7km in 3 runs, which makes me soo happy.
Ok, I think that is all I was about to say. Next week will be so busy for me as I have some tests and school work to do. It will be so fun, I see it already... :).
Enjoy the photos!

Quick stop during the run, just to take a photo.

On my way home from Mary's.

Inspired by Deliciously Ella's recipe: pesto pasta with spinach and peas.

Yesterday's sky.

Friday walk next to the river.

Homemade foccacia and a delicious salad.

Yummy pancakes. Recipe is already up on my blog.

Loving the Makeup Revolution Blush Palette.

Kate xx

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