My Week in Photos.

I'm writing this post really really late for me. I had such a busy weekend. Not only my dad came from all the way from Japan, I also had a huge project to do for school and I had to go shopping for some clothes for the trip.
Because I was on 4 bike trips this week, I've taken soooo many photos. And I also had sooo many troubles to pick my favourite ones.
Next week as I already said I'm going on vacation. Fortunately it doesn't mean that I won't post anything during that time. I have 3 days left for packing and preparing my blogging equipment. Last week I told you that I'm working on something never seen before on this blog. But it is still a secret, sorry :).
Ok, enough of this rumbling. Here are the photos, enjoy!

A little something from Japan :). Love these so much!

Can't even remember the last time I saw rainbow.

Cake for my Mom on Mother's Day. It was a sponge almond cake with strawberries.

Kate xx

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