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My bed setup.

I promised a post today (for you yesterday as I'm writing this at almost midnight) but I didn't come up with the idea that will not require taking photos. Sooo... there's that.

And you may be probably wondering why am I on the computer this late, it's because I'm leaving tomorrow (today) at 8 o'clock and I will have to sit in the car for approximately 10 hours. And the best way to make this go faster is to go sleep. So now I have to be awake until like 3 am, then I will sleep away the trip. I also made myself some green tea to keep me 'alive'.

I already packed most of my stuff and I already have that feeling when you think that you forgot something but you don't know what. I'm taking with me a lot of camera equipment, because I'm planning to take some amazing pictures whilst being there.

My luggage

Small part of the outfit. Loving this hat I bought yesterday from Stradivarius.
Oh, I'm talking and talking about this trip, but I don't even know if I told you where I'm going, well, precisely. I'm going to Austria, Northern Italy, Switzerland and Germany with my parents. It's probably going to be one of the last trips I've been to with them, because I'm too old for that stuff. To be honest I'm only going with them to see the real Disney castle, New Swanstone Castle. I have always dreamt to visit it. It is sooo amazingly breathlessly beautiful.

And we will also see some glaciers, but that's not important :).

Ok... How was your day today (yesterday)? Mine wasn't great to be honest. First of all: Wednesday. The worst day of the week, because I have 8 hours of lessons then. I woke up at 6am and came back at 5:30pm. Rediculous. Also I had an english exam and german test. Cool, cool. To make things worse it was boiling today. Literally! I couldn't even pay attention because my whole body was baking. And you can believe me or not, my school turn off the heating like last week. Pretty damn stupid.

My cat drives me crazy today. He almost ripped my sweater whilst catching a fly.

I also had a very long phone conversation with my bestie, even though we met just yesterday in the shopping centre.

Sticking with the subject. After yesterday's and today's attempt at finding white slip on trainers, I lost hope in the women's fashion (if I can say so). I was looking everywhere for them, even in Tesco, but I didn't find the right ones. Anywhere I looked there were silver shoes, golden shoes, white leather shoes. Come on, who buys leather shoes for Summer?! Only those who live in the freaking mountains. Or Russia. And the same thing happend to me whilst I was looking for a black backpack and a white t-shirt (50 Kate's points if you remember that :) ). Why do all these clothing shops can't make just normal, plain clothes? I mean, there are 'basic' lines, but in my opinion it has nothing to do with basic. AND if I find something normal, it's expensive, like very expensive. And don't even get me started at it.

But on the more positive note I'm starting reading again. Because I'm going for so long I have to have something with me that won't keep me bored. And I will be reading Harry Potter! I'm such a huge Harry Potter's fan. Obviously I mean the films. But I have always wanted to read it. Firstly it scared me because of how big it looked. However I've read so many big books that I thought I give it a go.
Oh my, I wrote more than I usualy write on my polish lessons. Ok, I think it's enough for today. I'm really really sleepy, and tired. I try to do my best and not fall asleep as soon as I switch off the computer. Maybe I will watch some TV series.

See you soon!
Kate xx

P.S. Because of the trip, there will be no My Week In Photos posts. There will be just 'normal' ones.

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