My Travel Essentials.

Finally I have Internet connection. I know I said I'll be uploading posts regularly, as I always use to. But everywhere we went, there was no WiFi or it was very expensive.

Anyways. As I'm connected now, why not write a post?

So I've been travelling for about 5 days now, curently laying on the bed in Switzerland and I came up with an idea for a post. Firstly I thouoght of doing What's In My Beauty Travel Bag, but I have a lot of it. And I also have no space nor good lighting to take some photos of it. That's why I wrote down my travel essentials, not only beauty related. So here we go!

1. A book

It's a must for me as I love reading books, especially during vacations. I don't really want to be on my computer then, because holidays for me are also an escape from the Internet.
Like I said in my last post I took Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone, which I literally just read. And I'm about to read the second book.

2. An Mp3 player

I don't know about you, but I hate listenig to radio. Not only they play the same song 5 times in an hour, there are also commercials, which I can't stand.
Having your favourite music with you definately will help you getting through long trips.

3. Power bank

I'm one of those people, whos phone has to be charged 2 times a day. And it's not that easy when you travel, because plugs aren't everywhere. So I always have a portable power bank with me.

4. An antibacterial gel

I hate it when there is no soap in the public bathroom. How am I going to clean my hands only with water? That's why an antibacterial gel is a must while travelling.

5. A pillow 

I don't take it if I'm travelling by plane, but apart from that I always bring my pillow with me. Because I usually sleep during the travel. Even if it's a 2 hours trip. I will sleep then.

6. A mascara

The only thing I think I need the most from my makeup bag. I can even go without concealer or brow pencil.

That's the end of list. Of course I have more essentials, but this post would be too long.
I hope you're having a great day. Hoping to see you as soon as possible :).

Kate xx

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