My trip to Alps and a VLOG!

Hello there!

As I said in the last post something exciting is happening today. If you remember way back to my post from My Week in Photos series I wrote that there will be something special, never seen on this blog.

Well, more than a week ago I came back from my holidays. And I thought it's time to share this thing with you. So, the secret is that...

I've made a vlog!

Yes, this is my first vlog I have ever made, so bare in mind that probably it's not going to be so cool nor amazing like those you see on Youtube. But I decided to give it a go as when I was younger I loved making films. Why not bringing these memories again?

Even though there's almost everything I wanted to share with you, I also added some photos below, because you all know how much I love taking photos.

Anyway, here it is! Hope you like it ;).

Comment down below if you liked it. If you want to you can subscribe to my Youtube channel, although I don't know when I'm going to upload next video and if I will.

Ok, I see you next week with another post!

Kate xx

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