How To Earn Money During Summer.

Hello everyone!

Long time no see, I know, I just have never been so busy in my life yet. Reason? I have a job! Real life job. I'm working as a waitress in a bar and also a side chef specialized in making sandwiches. Even though I work for almost 11h (last week for 3 days straight) and I'm really exhausted, it all pays off because of the atmoshpere. I'm fortunate to work with awesome people, who always cheer me up in every situation.

And there came an idea of today's post. How to earn some extra money during Summer, especially holidays. I remember myself last year after the begining of vacations, when I started looking for a job. As espected I didn't find anything, it was just too late. And I had literally nothing to do, because I already been away on holidays. This year, I thought, I'm not going to sit around with nothing. I also wanted to make some money, earn experience, meet new people and see how it is to work.

So here are 3 tips how you can earn money, the easy and the hard way. And If I was about to give you only one tip about applying for a job: don't be afraid and be opened to people. Belive me, when I went for my first interview I was so stressed, which now for me sound rediculous. And I was even more stressed on my first day at work. But as I said earlier I was lucky enough to find a job that I really like excluding the hard work.

Anyways, I hope you'll find this post useful like when I was looking for some tips for making some extra money, not only about jobs.

1. Sell some things you don't need.

About a couple of months ago I finally sold some paintings that I kept at the end of my wardrobe. And I got paid 5$ for them, which for you may sound a little. But not only I got rid off them, I also earned money. So whatever you have left that might be worth it, sell it, don't throw it out.

2. Find a summer job.

Probably one of the most wanted things during Summer is to find a seasonal job. It's definately easier to find it than a reagular office job for example as during this season many work places are opened ( ice cream shops, etc.). If you're trying to find one here are some tips:

  •  Use your contacts- if you're looking for a job ask your friends or family first. It is possible that they know someone that knows someone who looks for an employee. That's how my older brother got a well paid job, so it's really worth asking.
  • Apply for more than 3 jobs- what I have learned this year is that if you're looking for a job, don't reply only to one job advertisement. It is very rare to find a job after sending one CV.
  • Choose wisely- don't apply for a job that you know you won't be good at or it's not in your interests. You'll just get bored of it and going there everytime will be an extra challange for you.

3. Find a job in your neighbourhood.

Maybe there's someone who needs a pet keeper or someone to look after their hous during holidays. It's also a good idea to ask your neighbours if they need any help. It's also not a very well paid job, but you can make some money of it. And it will probably be the closet job you'll find.

Good luck!
Kate xx

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