I'm 18!!!

photo by Crazyinlife

Hello everyone!

Yes, it happened. Three days ago was my 18th birthday, which means that I'm a proper adult now. And also that I'm getting older faster. I remember last year I couldn't wait till my 18th birthday because I really wanted to get my driving license and to be treated like a mature person, but now...

We all remember when we were children that we always wanted to be adults because we would be treated with respect, we could drive a car, have our own house and just live by our own rules. But it all changes complitely after we turn 18, the age that qualifies other people to treat us like adults. And there it goes: job, taxes, mortgage, the econimic crisis, voting, going to a goverment office and so on. It just doesn't seem apealing anymore, does it? And I'm currently at that stage.

You may be thinking that I'm over exaggerating, becasue I'm still young and haven't even lived more than a half of average human life. But I'm worried though. You see, in less than a year I will be having my final high school exams, which basically will be defining my whole future. That is scary as hell. And then I'll have to apply for university. I mean I still don't really know what I want to do for the rest of my life. And that is even more scary. Because what if I choose a subject I won't be good at, or the one after which I won't find a job. What if I don't like it?

And here it is ladies and gentelmen. The power of doubt and overwhelm by the world of adults. We think it's great, but after stepping into it, there's only hope left. And luck.

But on the happy note, tomorrow I'm going to pick up my ID. The only thing I'm exctited about now.

Anyways, I wouldn't expect this post to be so dark. At least I told all my concerns. So about my birthday, Mary and I went to my hometown, Żyrardów (10 Kate's points if you remember from last year). We went to the same restaurant called Che Passione and ate some pizza, I also ordered almond semifredo. But before that we stayed at my house for a bit and watched a half of Teen Beach 2. I know, so mature as always.

And that how my day went on. I'm also planing on having a bigger party but at the end of August just because all of my friends will get home after Summer Holidays. I'll be reporting on that too.

So at least I will leave you today with some of photos I've taken during the 23rd July. Not so many. well actually a little because it was goddamn hot that day. I was literally melting on the train. Ok, enough about that, ENJOY!

photo by Crazyinlife

See you soon!


Kate xx

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