My Hair Care Routine.

Hello everyone!

I think it's time for me to do a hair care routine post. I've been postponing it since I remember because didn't have a proper hair routine yet. But after bleaching it and not pining it, my hair became so damaged I had bad hair day almost everyday.

Anyways. Here is my hair care routine, enjoy!

First of all, before washing my hair I apply Oil Therapy Argan Oil (or once a month I use pure coconut oil) for at least an hour. Then when I wash my hair I use head & shoulders shampoo, which I have been using since I can remember. It's the best shampoo for me as it cleans perfectly and leaves my hair very soft. And this particular one is also moisturizing.
I leave it on my hair for a moment, then rinse it off and apply L'biotica Biomax Intensive Repair Mask. It's a mask that needs to be left for at least 15 minutes, so I also put my towel all over my head to keep it warm. After that I rinse the mask off and leave my hair to air dry. I hardly ever blow dry them, because I already have frizzy hair so it makes things worse.
When my hair are almost dry I put some Pantene Nature Fusion Hair Serum to top things off.
Also, to brush my hair I use a big comb as my hair are naturally wavy and I don't want to ruin it.

What is your favourite hair product at the moment?

Kate xx

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