What To Do When You're Bored in Summer!


Altough summer holidays are the best opportunity to chill out and do nothing it sometimes can be a little bit boring. Especially when it's super hot outside, you don't want to go there, it's like stepping into Hell. So I combined some ideas that will definately keep you busy- in a good way of course. Who said Summer is all about travelling the world?

1. Read the book you always wanted to read or you didn't finish it.

As you know I'm reading Harry Potter series right now, the fourth book now and you can say that I'm pretty much obsessed (ask Mary, who everyday has to hear about it). And I'm 100% sure that I wouldn't be able to read it through school semester as there are 7 books in total.
 So get your hand on some books, at least one!

2. Watch one movie a day.

Some time ago I heard that Tom Cruise loves movies that much that he watches one a day. And I think it's a brilliant idea. Instead of watching randomly TV, watch a movie!

3. Cook recipes you really wanted to try.
I have a ton recipes saved on my computer, phone or in books that I always wanted to make but didn't have enough time or was too lazy. But now when it's Summer with fresh and local vegetables and fruits it's the best time to do it!

4. Sort your things out.

Maybe you have that drawer in where you put almost everything or in general you have a mess in your room, it's time to clean it. Holidays are not an excuse for doing absolutely nothing, it's also a time to sort your life and everything around you. Eventualy you will have to.

5. Make a spa day or a pamper evening at home.

We all need a rest in our stressful lifes. Athough not all of us can afford a day in a spa or just don't want to spend so much money on it, make a spa at your home. There are many ingredients at your home already which you can use for face masks for example. Have a hot bath, put on a face mask, listen to music or watch a movie and relax.

6. Make a summer playlist.

Make a playlist including your favourite tracks.

7. Put some summer vibes into your room.

Refresh your room with some summer decorations.

Hope you won't be bored this Summer ;).

Kate xx

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