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Well, that was really unexpected. No blogging for 11 days. Those summer holidays did get to me. And I won't even start to excuse myself because we all know where it will go anyway. So today I finally sat down in front of my laptop and I feel like 'talking' instead of showing you another recipe or DIY. And it's not just another 'update on my life' kind of thing. Just a little chit chat about things that happens to everyone. So if you are in a good humor I recommend reading this post another time, because it will be deep and at the end it'll probably make no sense. But trying doesn't hurt, does it?

Do you ever think about the current 'life' that you're living? About things that are happening? About people you surround yourself with? Well, I do now. See, I am in a very different position than I was before. Recently I found out some things about me and people I surround myself with and that is what I'm talking about today.

There's something that troubles me all the time and have been troubling since I went to primary school. This thing is friends. And I'm 100% sure that I'm not the only one.

Everyone tells you that friends are the most important people in your life, because no matter what, they always be there for you. It's not true all the time and I think you already know this. Through 11 years I had 5 best friends, I mean bffs (two of them are probably reading this). And you may think I was lucky to have so many, well, I wasn't. Everytime I had a best friend, I had one (except secondary school which I'm going to talk about in a moment). And it doesn't sound awesome anymore. Whenever I had a friend, something happened, no argument, no fight, just something and that every friendship just fell apart. Everytime it was something different. And everytime I was thinking that it's my fault. Why? Because I didn't try to rebuilt it, I just went on with my life. I told myself that if they don't want to talk to me why should I?

Anyways, as said, life went on and I met 2 friends. For 3 years I thought that we were like the best team you could ever think friends would be. We spent most of our time together and we were having a great time whenever we met. But as life went on to high school, it fell apart. And to be honest I felt the worst because it was the best friendship and I had not one, but two best friends. As always at first I thought it was my fault because I didn't try to repair it, but later on I just thought the same: if they don't want to talk to me why should I?
And before I will move on what I wanted to say I'm fortunate to still be friends with one of them and she is the best friend I could ever have. You know who I'm talking about ;).

So I'm not just talking about my past friends, but generally: friends. And I don't say you have to have plenty, I'm 'quality over quantity' rule follower. Anyways. What I was about to say is choosing friends is difficult but commiting to this relationship is the most difficult. I had an unpleasure of finding out that many of whom I trusted to be there for me, just left me. And in my opinion it is one of the most hurting things that can happen to people, feeling left and lonely. And feeling betrayed too.

There are lots of features every friend should have, but for me honesty is the most important. What's with being nice if you can be fooled? Being honest not only means no lies but also means being opened.

 I'm just giving you, my readers some advice. Choose your friends wisely. You can even have only one friend, but if they are honest and loyal and kind and are great friend material, you will feel like you have thousands friends ;).

And that thing I learned about myself is that I really care about people I surround myself with. And I'm always as honest as I can be.

I hope you didn't fall asleep whilst reading this. It's really emotional post for me and I can't believe I'm even putting this online, but if I help someone then it has some sense :).

Ok, see you next week. Yes, next week. I finally got my shizz together :D.


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