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I know, I'm a mess. You can belive it or not there was a time since my last post that I forgot about my blog. But now I'm coming to you with a new post. If you remember about last year I used to write monthly favourites but I stopped because most of it was the same. However things have changed. And also I wanted to update you on some stuff, because why not :).

So it's the same style like monthly favourites, yet about what I love currently. Enjoy!


Most of it you can see in my Makeup Haul post. I've been loving Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara, Color Tatto cream eyeshadow in Creamy Beige which I apply with Real Techniques base eyeshadow brush. And also Essie nail polish in the colour Fiji. Perfect Summer shade!


As usual I've been watching Friends and Community but I'm looking for a new series to start watching. Let me know what are your favourite!
Apart from that I also watched Matrix and Harry Potter, two of my favourite movies ever! Just amazing.


You may already know this since I talk about it everywhere, but it's Harry Potter series. I've finally read the books and I'm complitely in love. And after every book I read I watched the movie and I have to admit I like books better because it makes more sense to me.
I'm in 100% a Potterhead now :).

I've been listening to one of my playlists and also Miguel's new album called Wildheart which is so amazing I can't even <3.


Currently I've been loving kale, which I thought I will never like. But it's actually very good. And also my recent discovery is frozen yogurt. It's so delicious! Better than ice cream.

Hope you like that kind of post. See you soon!


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