Sleepover and Sunset Photos!

Hello everyone!

Finally I have some time to write a post, because I've been pretty much busy since monday. First of all my bestie Mary came to visit. We were about to go skating but to our surprise it started to rain. The last time it happened was about a month ago- our country has a big problem with drought. So we had to change our plans complitely. Consequently we went to a new library (I know, very exciting!) and even though it was like 5-minute walk and we had umbrellas, we got all wet. I told you, it was raining like crazy.

Anyways, after that we went for a walk to see the sunset and take some photos, which I'm going to share with you today. It was so lovely! And to top that there was a smell of after rain which I love. So so nice.

The day ended up going to Tesco at 10pm to buy some food and then watching 'Hot Pursuit'. To be honest when I heard about this movie I wasn't sure it will be a good one. And I was almost right. The plot didn't make sense and the acting wasn't top notch but at least we had a laugh.

That was all what I wanted to say today. Hope you'll like these photos!


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