Summer Tips!

Hello everyone!

For today's post I prepared some Summer tips, which will definately help you survive those hot days. Especially today as in my country is probably 35 degrees C and I can't concentrate properly- excuse me for my writing. So I combined a list of tips, not only beauty related that I've been using since the begining of Summer holidays. Here you go!

1. Exercise at the begining or at the end of the day.

I don't know about you but I can't stand running while it's super hot and sun is shining too much. If you're like me you will fing yourself tired at just the begining of a workout. So it's better to exercise at the begining or at the end of the day, when sun doesn't shine like crazy and it's not as hot. There will be also a less chance to get sunburn.

2. Add some SPF to your daily moisturizer.

I hope that I don't have to remind you to apply SPF on your whole body whenever you leave the house. But there are some face moisturizers that don't contain SPF- I have one. And as you know some of the sun protective creams are just too heavy to apply on face. So just take your daily moisturizer and combine it with a some of  SPF cream. It won't come as oily looking as it would used alone.

3. Wear clothes that are made of natural fabrics.

It is very important to wear airy clothes, made of natural fabrics during hot days. Not only you will feel more cold, but you won't get heatstroke. And you will sweat less.

4. Wherever you go, take some water with you.

Even if you go for a quick walk, bring a bottled water with you. The chances are, during those summer days, that you will get thirsty the second you'll leave house. And again, I hope I don't need to remind you to drink enough water. Aaand if you want your water to be cold all of the times but you don't have a thermos, wrap cold bottled water with a wet towel.

5. Simple tricks for long lasting makeup.

If you want your makeup to last longer through this sweaty weather, apply some oil free primer, use BB cream instead of foundation, discard the concealer (summer makeup is all about being natural) and put some waterproof mascara on. And for some more dimention, use other cream-based makeup products, like blush or bronzer. Natural and summerproof look all the way!

I hope you find those tips very useful! Let me know down in the comments what is your favourite Summer tip :).


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