How I edit my Instagram photos.

Hello everyone!

My favourite social media is Instagram. Whenever I'm on it I could watch the photos for hours. And I also like to discover new accounts with amazing pictures (I have some favourite photographers now :) ). But what's more exciting than taking and sharing photos? That's why I love it.

Since I take photos everyday I decided to share with you how I edit them before uploading on Instagram. I don't really have one theme, but mostly the main colours that I focus on are blue or white. Enjoy!

First of all I have to choose a picture. I always take photos in 1:1 size so I don't have to worry about cropping it. And I know that you can add normal photos on Instagram too but I like the square more. 

Anyways, I also take a few photos so I can check which one is the best.

So after choosing the photograph I use VSCOcam to firstly edit it. And I start with changing the contrast to strengthen the colours.

Then I change the temperature, so it's in cold colours. After that I apply F2 filter, which is my favourite. And it has a blue tone in it.

When I finish I open the picture in Instagram.

 On Instagram I also edit the photo. I change the LUKS, brightness, shadows and saturation.

The final look! (from the left: VSCOcam edit, Instagram edit) 

If you're not following me on Instagram click this link. Let me know what are your favourite Instagram accounts! See you next week :).


Kate xx

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