Makeup Brushes 101.


One of my favourite makeup accessories are brushes. So that's the topic of today's post: all about makeup brushes.

When I first started wearing makeup I didn't own any brushes. I remember the first thing that I bought was a concealer and a brow pencil (which one of them I still use). But then, when I got so into beauty and was buying more and more products such as powders and blushers, I had to have something to apply makeup on. 
The first brush that I bought was EcoTools' buffing brush for face powder and I loved it. It felt so nice on my skin. And also it was very practical. I still have it too and it's one of my favourites (maybe even the one).
Since the first purchase I now own 8 makeup brushes, which for some of you can be not so many but I usually wear a little makeup, that's why I don't need hundreds of them. Although I'd love some more.

Ok, so that was the introduction, now onto the subject. What makeup brushes you should own if you're starting a makeup collection? I would say it really depends on what makeup you would like to wear. But I would recommend you buying first 3 brushes: powder brush,stippling and blush brush. Those three are essential for me. 

Next is choosing the brand. Again, if you're a newbie I would suggest you to buy cheaper ones over expensive. And I'm not saying to buy the cheapest like for 1£ on Amazon. I'm saying you should go to your local drugstore and find them there. You can also ask if they have a sample version to see its quality. And for a brand I really recommend Real Techniques and Eco Tools. They are super soft, the quality is amazing and the price is reasonable. If you're looking for more expensive I would say Sephora or Bobby Brown. I tested them in a shop and they were a dream:).

So you already bought your makeup brushes and used them, what now? Since you use them on your face you have to clean them. After every use there are tons and tons of bacteria and just everything that was on your face. I know, it sounds disgusting, but it's true. I would suggest you to clean the brushes at least every one or one and a half weeks. It also depends on them as some have to be washed after just one use (such as lip brushes). 

Here's how I usually clean brushes:

First I apply a little bit of shampoo on my fingers. Then I take a brush and swirl it on the palm of my hand. Then I put it under the tap and wash with lukewarm water( if it's too hot, the glue that keeps the bristles will melt and if the water is too cold, you won't clean it thoroughly). After that I just squeeze the bristles to get rid of the leftover water, swirl it around the towel (it dries faster) and leave it on a towel with the bristles haning out of it.

And some things that you should remember is don't pour water over the metal part, because the glue that keeps the bristles will melt and don't leave the brushes upright to dry- the reason is the same.

So that's the end of the post. Let me know down in the comments what are your favourite makeup brushes!


Kate xx

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