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Hello there everyone!

As you saw in the last post my hair looks kinda different. Well, about a month ago Mary and I went to a new hairdresser and we both get a cut (if you want to see Mary's click here). Not only I got my ends cut but also I had my hair dyed to deep brown colour, for the first time! Believe me I was so scared sitting there with dye in my hair thinking it will either detroy my hair or turn out a different colour. Fortunately it all turned out great and I still love it, although it faded a little bit from all the washing.

Having dyed hair does mean that they will be even a little bit destroyed, because it's all chemicals. So using appropriate hair products is a must. Today I'm showing you my favourite 3 hair products that literally saved my hair from damage from colouring. And if you're wondering what hair dye the hairdresser used, it was by Osmo.

First of all I wanted to talk about Syoss Color Protect shampoo and conditioner. They are my first ever products from this brand, because I usually used Pantene or Head&Shoulders. But hearing all about it on TV I decided to buy them. And they also were on a sale: about 4$ per bottle. What I think about those products? Amazing! My hair feels so healthy, soft and shiny after using them. To addition I noticed that my colour is stronger. 

The last hair product I've been loving is Argan Conditioner by CECE of Sweden. Argan oil in general is one of my favourite beauty oils, not only it smells amazing but also moisturizes like a dream. So it's no surprise that the conditioner is amazing too. Makes my hair really really soft and also less frizzy.

Those were my current favourite hair products. Let me know what are yours down in the comments!


Kate xx

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