My perfect dark red lips.

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I'm writing this post laying down in bed and drinking a hot tea with honey. Yes, I'm sick, again. But it's not the topic of today's post as I already did write about being sick (link). Nothing like a little promo from now and then, am I right? ok...

One of the best things about autumn is fashion and makeup in my opinion. Oversized sweaters, big fluffy scarfs, long coats and my favourite dark red lips. Even though this year I first started wearing a dark red lip, I loved it the second I put the lipstick on. It is such a classy and pretty look.

Since fall is finally around, it's a perfect excuse to get your dark red lipstick and rock it everyday. But there's always a but. Because it's a dark shade you have to be really precised when applying, one stroke and you can ruin the makeup as most of the lipsticks (the good ones) will leave a mark. I've been there, trust me. But in my opinion it's still worth the hype.

So how can you master the red lipstick? It's pretty easy. All you need is 2 brushes: small lip brush and a flat concealer or angled brush, concealer (obviously) and your favourite dark red lipstick. The one I'm using is Bourjois Rouge Edition in 14 pretty prune. Very pigmented with a little glossy finish, really recommending this one.

About the technique, for me the best way to apply such a dark lipstick is to use a lip brush because it's much more precised. First I take some of the lipstick on the brush, then draw the line of the lips and fill them in. And for a deeper colour I take the lipstick and apply it straight from the bullet. But of course watching out to not cross the line. Then I take an angled brush, dip it in concealer and go around the line of my lips to cover any mistakes and make a harsh line.

If you also want a long lasting finish, there's a very old trick you probably heard. Take a tissue and press your lips against it, then apply lipstick again. You can repeat this step 3 times to make sure it stays the longest. Also you can take another tissue, rip it so there is only one layer, cover the lips with it. Then taking a powder brush apply some powder onto the pressed tissue. What is going to do is lightly setting the lipstick without dirtying the brush.

That is my way of appying dark lipstick. Let me know what is your perfect lipstick shade for fall!


Kate xx

P.S. You may wonder why my hair looks different. Well, soon you'll find out!

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