New name, new begining- from Kate Home DIY.

Hello there everyone!

So I think I owe you some explanation, because you may be confused. I changed the name of the blog from Kate Home DIY to Little Pink Succulent and of course the look of it. And in this post I'm going to tell you exactly why I did that.

Do you remember that some posts ago, even longer than that, I wrote I'm not really keen on the content of the blog I create. I even posted that I sometimes have writer's block. But this time it wasn't the cause of today's situations.

You see, the main idea of this blog was sharing creativity. What's more creative than creating something new like new projects, new dishes, new tastes and looks? And I thought that on this blog (on Kate Home DIY to be exact) I will just share some recipes and DIYs, especially DIYs. But no sooner I started publishing tips, photos and just started sharing my life.

I felt thet the name Kate Home DIY didn't fully expressed what this blog is truly about, because what Home and DIY have to do with a lifestyle blog? Yes, nothing. So about 2 months ago I started thinking of a new name. Believe me, I had more than I have fingers. I even tried mixing 2 random words, which went terrible. Without much hope I decided to leave it somewhere at the end of my mind. Maybe someday I will came with the name. And I did, 4 days ago.

Why Little Pink Succulent? To be honest it was as random as it sounds. I was just lying on my bed with laptop in front of me and then I looked at my windowsill, where I keep succulents. And it got to me. Just like that. And pink because it's one of my favourite colours.

So I hope you'll like all the changes. I spent so much time editing this blog you can't imagine. Let me know what you think down in the comments!

Also, I changed the name on my social media too. Click below or above on the menu bar. And you can follow me there if you want :).

Pinterest- the same
Twitter- the same

See you next week!


Kate xx

P.S. If you go on katehomediy.blogspot.com there's a post about moving to this site. But I won't publish there anymore and sooner or later it will be deleted.

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