How to: Braided Side Bun.

Hi there!

Recently I've been doing more hairstyles because I sometimes get really bored by looking almost the same everyday. And I also run out of dry shampoo, which was a life saver for me as I don't really like washing my hair during the week- I'm just being lazy.

Anyways, I've found some pretty hair looks since then and I wanted to share one of them with you today, which I call braided side bun. Just as the name says it's a braid (2 to be precised) assembled into a side bun. It looks so nice and cute. Time comsuming as well, even though it takes probably 5 minutes to do. Perfect 'running late' hairstyle.

Starting off by taking your hair on one side and sectioning it into 2 pieces and braid each separately, using a tie to secure them (I use small hair clips). To make the bun look more voluminous you can pull some bits of the hair. And now the tricky part, you want to take one braid and wrap it around and pin it in place. Then take second braid and wrap it around the first one and also pin it. Use some hair spray to make sure it stays in place the longest.


Have a really nice day!


Kate xx


  1. I'm sure, that with my hair, I could do this hairstyle haha. But either way, it looks on ya!

    Marianna x


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