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Hi there!

I know, two posts in a week? Craaazy. But I have some free time, why not spending it on writing?

Many of you, like me, go to school right now. And it's not the most exciting thing to do really. But sometimes it can be a huge pain in the ass, especially when you have final exams or just loads of homework to do. And that's where I come to help you. Not with the homework but with sorting everything out so you won't miss or loose anything.

Belive me, I'm such an organised freak. Whenever I have some things to do, even the obvious ones I won't forget, I make a list. I also have tons of small notebooks, blog stuff related too, just to make sure I have everything with me. That made me think that I can sit down and write about it, how I stay organized. Let's get started!

1. Always keep a calendar with you!
I think I told you already but I always have a calendar in my bag. Whatever happens I always write it down so I won't forget about it: tests, essays, appoinments, ect. Very handy!

2. Post it notes are the key.
If you have something important to do, take a note, write it down and stick it where it's the most visible. I have many of them stuck to my board and I also use them to mark the pages in the books. The most important office essential in my opinion.

3. Make a 'to do' list every week.
I hate those times when almost everyday you have many stuff to deal with, especially during preparation to finals. To make things easier write a list for example about subjects you have to study and plan it for the whole week. You can also make a list of chores, it doesn't have to be always school related.

4. Don't leave everything to the last moment.
I was a guilty on this one. Writing an essay just a day before the deadline, studying for a test just before the lesson. But I finally got my shizz together to separate even an hour a day just for studying. Make a break from a tv show or a Youtube video, an hour isn't that long :).

5. Don't be messy.
It's a common habit that we sometimes leave stuff somewhere it doesn't belong. But you have to just force yourself to not make a mess again. I was a messy person and I can be whenever I'm too lazy. However being organised also means having a clean space around you. So don't make a mess!

Those are all of the tips. I hope I helped you at least in a little way :).

See you soon!


Kate xx

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