Makeup and Bath & Body Works Haul.


Wow, I really missed this- sitting, chilling and just writing. That's one of my happy places :). Anyways, I coming to you with a haul. I can't quite remember when I did a haul, but I believe it was 3 months ago? Actually let me check. Yes, indeed it was in July. So since I bought some crap I thought why not showing it to you today ;).

Starting with makeup I bought everything from an online drugstore. And it's the only reason why this post didn't went up sooner, because the delivery got delayed. And to be honest at first I was really angry and told myself that it's my last purchase online. Fortunately all the products are absolutely amazing and I can't be mad now.

The first thing that I bought is a Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in the shade Pink Hurricane 165. It's almost in the shade of my lips but with loads of shimmer. The lipstick has a muted ice cream scent and it smells so good. It also is very moisturizing and lasts a pretty long time.

Another lipstick purchase is Astor Soft Sensation in Exotic Peach 400. Definately not a autumnal shade, and even not a perfect peach shade. Much darker with a red hint, again, loads of shimmer and very moisturizing too. Although I'm not a fan of the smell- it smells like an old lipstick, which it is not.

And the last lip product is Cityproof Twistable Intense Lip Color (very long name) in the shade Park Slope Peach 050. Once again a peach colour but this time it's a proper peach. Very pigmented unlike the other two lipstick since it's a lip balm. It looks really natural and nice on the lips. The scent is also very different. It smells kind of like a combination of fruit and bubble gum, which is lovely too.
from the left: Astor, Maybelline, NYC.

Now the drums please, the one thing that I've been most excited for is... Sleek MakeUP Face Contour Kit in Light. I can't even tell you how much time did I spend searching for the perfect bronzer-contour product. Since I have very pale skin it's very likely that most bronzers will look too orange on me. So I've been looking and found this one. Obviously I have heard about Sleek before and its popularity for making amazing blushes, so I decided to give it a go. And I'm not dissapointed.

The kit comes with a pressed contouring powder and a highlighter, though I'm much more interested in the first one. It's very pigmented, the shade is not orange at all. And it's matt, which complites this product. The highlighter is also very nice, though it's very subtle. Very recommending this one!

Moving to things I bought in Bath & Body Works, my favourite scent store. Literally, I only go there either to buy a mist or to smell candles and wash my hands :D. I was fortunate to came across some good deals on travel sized products. So I bought 2 mists and a body lotion.

The first mist that I bought is called Beautiful Day from their Signature Collection. And it actually came to me why I like it so much- it smells like DKNY Be Delicious in green apple, which is my all time favourite scent.

The last mist that comes from the same collection as the body lotion is called Velvet Sugar. Let me tell you, it smells like you just got out of the candy store. I mean, it couldn't smell better. And the lotion is amazing too. It contains shea butter and vitamin E, which is a dream for my hands. Also can we take a moment and think how beautiful those packagings are?

That is it for today's post. Let me know if you tried any of these products. Until then see you soon!


Kate xx

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