Turning my dreams into reality / Social Media Detox

Hello everyone!

I'm coming to you with another chatty post. As you could see I haven't been really active on social media recently. The reason is that I decided to go on as I call 'social media detox'. A couple of weeks or more ago I watched a Youtube video by Estee Lalonde, where she went on a digital detox meaning no phone, TV and internet for whole 2 days. And as I was watching her struggle I came into a conclusion that I myself spend too much time looking on my phone and just blankly scrolling through Facebook and other social media.

So basically the last weekend I deleted all of my social media apps (to not be tempted) and left my phone on my bedside table for 2 days. And the results were intriguing. Belive it or not I actually felt more calm and obviously productive as I wasn't wasting time on my phone but replying to text messages. If you're struggling with spending too much time online I really recommend doing this kind of detox :).

Moving on to another subject of todays post. I also was thinking about my goals in life. Well, not that kind of goals you probably have in mind, like actual dreams, what I want to achive in the nearest future (probably in the next 5 years or so). From all of this I made a list (rhyming like a pro). Side note: they are not so world-changing, so don't be excited :).

  1. Learn to play a piano.
  2. Manage to draw or paint something at least once a week.
  3. Speak fluently at least 3 languages.
  4. Still be posting on this blog.
  5. Live in a foreign country.
  6. Have a university degree.
  7. Visit Maurithuis and Rijksmuseum.
  8. Be happy.

We shall see what it all came down to when I'm 23 :).

Let me know down in the comments what are your dreams for the nearest future and I shall see you later- feeling the Dumbledore's vibes as I'm listening to Harry Potter's sountrack. Yeah, I'm that cool :).


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