Movies to watch this Christmas!

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Since I have to wait till January for the newest episode of Suits, I've been watching so many movies lately. And I have to say that even though I'm a sucker for some good series, I much more prefer films. It's actually really difficult to find a good TV show that I might like as there are very similar, especially those on Comedy Central.

Anyways, what I was going to say was that because I like movies so much I decided to share with you some of the best Christmas films I've ever watched or I'm going to watch soon. When you have nothing to do or you just would like to spend an evening in bed with a laptop, these will be perfect for you to really get into Christmas spirit. Enjoy!

1. Home Alone.

My absolute favourite Christmas movie ever! I can't tell you how many times I have watched it. We have a tradition here in Poland (not history connected) that just after Christmas dinner on 24th December, at 8pm they are playing it on TV. Altough my parents are sick of this movie, because we watch it every year, we still do. Also there is the second part of it, but I prefer this one. 
If you still somehow haven't seen it (and I can't believe it), do it now!

2. The Search of Santa Paws.

I watched this film on the weekend on Disney Channel accidentaly, because I was searching for some classic Disney series (they play them in the morning). I thought I'll give it a try as it had just started. And oh my this movie is good! I was amazed by it, it's not so old and has some new Disney' stars in, but I absolutely love this film. It's about what really matters on Christmas and shows an amazing relationship between a dog and an owner. And as you know I really want a dog right now, so it was perfect. Also I was crying for about 20 minutes till the end of the movie. Go and watch it now! Although there was a particular one moment that had me like: this can't be a film for kids! But I really really recommend it!
To addition I'm going to watch another part this weekend, can't wait!

3. Jack Frost.

Another beautiful movie. It tells a story about a man that dies in a car accident and leaves his wife and son. But after a year he returns as a snowman to spend some time with the son before he's gone forever. I also cried during this movie because it's rather sad, yet I loved it.

4. Meet Me in St. Louis.

I have heard a lot about this movie, but hadn't have a chance to watch it yet. It's really old- it was made in 1944. If I'm not mistaken it is based on some short stories that were published in New York Times. The film, musical, tells a story of 4 sisters learn lessons of life and love before moving to New York. Sounds promising! Let me know if you've seen it.

5. A Christmas Carol.

Another movie I'm willing to watch. I believe you all have at least heard the name of it as it's very popular in Great Britain and United States. It's based on Charles Dickens' book. And it's a very old film too- from 1938. But since it's a Christmas classic I have to watch it. Also Let me know if you've seen it.

This was my short list of movies to watch before Christmas. Let me know if you saw any of them and if you liked them. Have a nice seance!


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