Bye 2015, hello 2016!

Hi everyone!

Wow, I can't believe I'm writing this post in 2016 already. I'm in such a shock. 2015 has been so intense and it disapeared so quickly.  Also it was a very important year for this blog too. The name changed from The Kate Home DIY to Little Pink Succulent, we hit a milestone in views, we've been mentioned on some popular websites and most important- the first anniversary! A lot happened that year. But hopefully a lot more will come in 2016. If you remember I made a post last year about my new year's resolutions, but to be honest I don't really have any this time. I mean I have one but it's not life changing and it couldn't be easier to do- I've set myself a challenge to watch at least 3 movies a week. It might sound a little bit odd but I've been watching a lot of crap this passed year meaning I've wasted somuch time. Hopefully I'll see every movie I wanted to.

Anyways, how was your Christmas? Mine was really really peaceful. Only me, my parents and my brother. Of course I ate loads of food, it was delicious. What's funny is that I didn't feel christmasy at all during that day. Maybe I'm just getting old :D. But seriously, I didn't even want any presents, I just wanted to spend some time with my family and finally chill out a little bit. Also I failed at studying. I said to myself before the holidays that between Christmas and New Year's Eve I will at least study some Math and Geography. Just throwing it out there that I wasn't lazy and didn't want to. I was organising a New Year's Eve' party, which I was planning since the beginning of December. And it actually went pretty well, I mean I had an amazing time. And I also learned one thing: don't make so much food for a party. Oh my God, I was left with tons of uneaten food. Not that it wasn't good or anything, even I didn't eat, because I was running around the guests.

So because of this New Year's Eve party madness I wasn't really been able to write anything on this blog. And I was going to write a 2015 summary post. But I think I fitted perfeclty in the first paragraph. However I didn't send you any wishes, so here they are:

Dear readers,

I wish you all the best for this upcoming year. Make the most of it, be happy and let your dreams come true! Don't let anybody tell you that you can't achive something. You are all beautiful people! Here's to 2016!

Love you lots :*

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