Beauty Chats: My Perfect Winged Eyeliner.

Hello everyone!

The title of this post could also be called mission impossible, first world problem or the struggle. Yes, I'm talking about winged eyeliner. I mean, you try to make it sleek and even on both eyes, but soon you end up with uneven and definately too thick lines. Fortunately there are tons and tons of techniques, and one of them, my personal favourite, I will be showing you today.

You can say that winged eyeliner is my go to look whenever I'm going out. I absolutely love it. If I could I would be wearing winged eyeliner everyday. Sadly for me it's a thing that has its good and bad days. Sometimes it takes me literally 5 minutes to line perfect wings, and sometimes after 30 minutes I'm still struggling to make a perfect sharp end. But as they say, beauty is pain :D.

My favourite liner ever is L'oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim. It has a slim felt-tip, which provides you more precision than a brush. And it's a great option for begginers. I've been through at least 2 of them and I'm still obssesed. It's very long lasting, it even survived rain. I really recommend it.

Moving to my technique, first of all I start with a small line from the middle part of the eye to the end as close to the lash line as possible. Then I build it up and bring it to the inner corner following the line of the eye. 

For that perfect fleek I just take the liner and place it to the eye so it makes a straight line from nose to the end of my brow, and I bring the liner towards the middle part of the eye and then I just fill everithing in so it's even. That's it!

Trust me, it sounds difficult at first, but you'll get this from photos.  Let me know what is your favourite eyeliner! 


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