Beauty Chats: Remington 'Your Style' Starter Kit.


Another post from Beauty Chats. Today I'm going to review Remington 'Your Style' Starter Kit, which I got on Christmas. Months ago I remember myself begging my parents to buy me a curling iron, but they always said that it would demage my hair. So I always did curls the old fashioned way: using hair rollers. Uhh, definately spent too much time and effort on this as it literally hurt my head and pulled some of my hair away. But my request was finally listened and I got a curling iron.

The Remington curling iron comes with 3 barrels: 19mm, conical and a rounded brush. You can also buy 4 barrels separately- you can read all of this on their site. So I got not only the 3 basic ones that comes with the base of the iron but also 3 separate: waving wand, 25mm and 25mm XL (for longer hair). All of the barrels have a ceramic coat, which just means shiny curls.

The curling iron has 3 temperature settings: 160, 180 and 220 degrees (if I'm not mistaken) , but I only use the first 2. It heats up pretty quickly. To avoid any burns, there is also a heat protecting glove, which I rarely use, because it's not very comfortable.

My opinion? It's really really good. The iron creates beautiful curls. And since there are 7 barrels to choose from, you can pretty much create any curls you want. They look shiny and healthy, to be honest it doesn't damage my hair as I expected to, it's much more gentle. Although I don't use it with the highest temperature.

Over all it's a great product, comparing to other curling irons- more on the inexpensive side. I really recommend trying it!


*this is not sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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